Day 1

As eventful as losing weight can be, the first days always seem to be the worst.  As your mental stomach has to get used to the idea that you don’t need 3 bowls of cereal for breakfast etc…  Yesterday was a good day.  I ate well all day and walked a little over 3 miles in 52 minutes.

Side note… walking past a cemetery at night is fun and I like paranormal stuff.  However, when kids zoom past you on a bike with no warning… lets just say I may have said some words on the colorful side.

Back at it again today.  I have not decided how often I want to weigh myself.  Not as though I am expecting miracle results in a week but I am motivated by results.  So we will see…  last night I weighed 293.8, which is 1.2 pounds less than I thought I did but equally as gross.

I will update tomorrow!


The start of the journey from Fat Papa to Skinny Papa

Weight loss or should I say weight gain has been my nemesis since I hit my early twenties.  I was always thin and always athletic.  A varsity athlete in school and hitting my athletic prime shortly after its hard to say I am a FAT PAPA.

I have lost weight before and always found a way to gain it back.  Never gotten to where I wanted to be but so close to it that I don’t even know how I got back here… here being closing in on 300 pounds.

So 12/03/2012 is the start of the journey.  I don’t know exactly where this will go but I know it will end in 100 pounds. 

I plan to post a day behind… today being day one but will post tomorrow as day one.  If that make’s sense.

My goal is to update daily and use this as a tool of accountability.  Plan on having some fun and becoming a FIT PAPA in the near future.