Day 15 or the day you hit the dieting wall

So its inevitable.. you get to the point where the diet is not fun anymore.  Its not that its hard because I have gotten used to it, although i need to exercise more, but the routine has gotten stale.  And that is my fault.  I need more variety and less of the same…  So my homework is to find something to spice this up a little.  More on that tomorrow.

It went from mild to really cold here… too cold for my liking.  I am a 40-60 kind of guy. I am happy in that temp range.  Even 70 is ok.  but under 30 and we are not friends anymore.  But i need to tough it out.  I wont lose much weight if I just eat well, especially if I am bored.  Boredom equals hungry for me and hungry equals eating oreos.

So I have some homework to do but all in all I am pleased with my progress.

Until tomorrow.

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