Day 10 or the day I went to chuck e cheese while dieting

Today was my son’s 10th birthday.  Whats at birthdays??  Cake.  What do I love the most? Cake.

Some how I managed to stay within my calorie limits but I am not sure how the gods of fatties allowed that to happen.

Anyway, good day really.  i am using black coffee as my inbetween meal hunger killer.  It seems to be working well and it is basically calorie free.  And since I hate water it works for me.

I have to actually get my butt in gear and find a way to exercise.  Falling out of the exercise rut leads to falling out of the dieting rut… that cannot happen this time.

JILLIAN MICHAELS needs to come to my house and whip me into shape.. for free, mind you.

Another day, another pound?  here’s hoping!

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