Day Four

I have decided that thursdays are my off day.. not so far as eating, although i did not do as well as i would have liked to have done, but I am referring to exercising.  I have my son every thursday night so getting home at 9pm and then going to walk is not fair to anyone so I am going to not walk or whatever on thursday.  every other day should be a go.

I am very tempted to weigh myself but at the same time glad that I havent.  1) i dont want to be disappointed and 2) i dont want to get to comfortable if its good.  And really i dont think it would do much either way for my determination.  It just more curiousity than anything.

I spend a lot of my day sitting, I have a desk job, and there is not a lot of opportunity to get up and move around.  We have a gym here but I have never used it.  I only get 30 mins for lunch and to be honest that is barely enough time to eat nontheless actually exercise.  i need to come up with some ways do some sort of exercise while i sit here and at the same time not look like a moron.  Time to do some research.

I have also decided that I will not update over the weekends as there is likely no time to do so… so monday will encompass sat and sun, including my weigh in on sunday.

Alright… back at it again monday.

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