Day 3

I told my wife yesterday that my shirt was fitting looser and it must be a miracle.  She laughed and said that it would have to be…  well maybe I imagined it or maybe I did.  Either my shirt felt looser yesterday. 🙂

My day went well yesterday.  I ate good except the piece of pineapple upside down cake but I worked hard and I don’t want to deprive myself to the point of it being a turn off to the whole process.  I don’t think one piece of cake is going to kill my progress and I find people who act like it will annoying.

I changed my walking route to avoid satan’s pathway.  It added about .4 miles to my distance but i covered 3.5 miles in 54 mins.  I read some where a few days ago that if you can walk 3-4 miles in an hour or less you should try running.  Ultimately that is my goal but I don’t think that is in the cards until spring. 

I used to run 3-5 miles a day a few years ago and had lost about 60 pounds.  I pushed myself a little hard at the time and in the process hurt my knee.  That sidelined my weight loss and got me back to about 280.  I started hiking in 2011 and re-lost all of the weight I had gained.  Life choices and ignorance lead me to stop doing that and i gain all the weight back and a little more… landing me at 293.8. 

The most I have ever weighed was 315 in around 2008.  life was bad for me then and I used food to help cope.. I still do in a lot of ways.  It fills boredom and emotional needs… and it taste good. 🙂

My biggest challenge will always be the emotional/mental aspects of dieting.  To get my mind to understand that I am not hungry, I have already eaten, and that I will be ok without a diet coke and some cookies/ chips.

Definitely decided to do weigh-ins on Sundays.  So this sunday I expect to see something less than 293.8.

Back at it again tomorrow morning!

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