Day 2

These blog titles are getting fancier and fancier… takes me like 2 seconds to come up with them!

Day two was a better day… not that day one was bad.  Like I mentioned before its all about getting past your mental stomach.  You brain telling you that you are hungry and need food.  When in reality pushing 300 pounds means that you have had a bit of food already and even if you were lost in the grand canyon with no food you wouldnt need to hunt road runners to stay alive.

I have been walking a little over 3 miles every night after my wife and I get the kids to bed. It takes me about 52-55 minutes to walk it and I feel pretty good after doing so.  I have also been limiting my calories to around 1600-1800.  I don’t have a lot of issues with hunger if I keep myself busy.  I deal with it more at night while my wife and I get our few minutes of time alone to watch TV or a movie.  And also at work when it gets slow.  Proving more so that hunger for fatties is a state of mind more than an actual need for food.  Starvation does not go away when you are busy.

I am anxious for my first weigh-in which I cannot decide when that should be.  I guess I will do it every week on sunday nights.  My wife has the scale put away and she has crowned herself queen of my weigh-ins to an extent.  Hi baby!

I am thinking of changing my walking path as 2 parts of it really freak me out.  I am a big guy and not the fat and weak kind.  I can defend myself if needed but walking in a wooded area that is secluded while jamming to tupac leaves me a little uneasy.  My only choose is to shorten my walks or make them longer… I am sure I will make them longer.

I played basketball with one of my kids last night for around 40 mins.  We play on occasion and its fun.  He is getting really good and I think I am regressing.  I can still beat him but there will come a day when I wont be able to do so.  Maybe when I am a stunning 195-200 and in good shape I will be able.  Right now I spend most of my time laughing at myself because I suck.  We have fun though and its a great calorie burner.  And even pushing 300 pounds I can still touch a 10 foot rim… Thats pretty impressive even if I do say so myself.

Back at it again today… will update tomorrow.

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