Day 15 or the day you hit the dieting wall

So its inevitable.. you get to the point where the diet is not fun anymore.  Its not that its hard because I have gotten used to it, although i need to exercise more, but the routine has gotten stale.  And that is my fault.  I need more variety and less of the same…  So my homework is to find something to spice this up a little.  More on that tomorrow.

It went from mild to really cold here… too cold for my liking.  I am a 40-60 kind of guy. I am happy in that temp range.  Even 70 is ok.  but under 30 and we are not friends anymore.  But i need to tough it out.  I wont lose much weight if I just eat well, especially if I am bored.  Boredom equals hungry for me and hungry equals eating oreos.

So I have some homework to do but all in all I am pleased with my progress.

Until tomorrow.


Day 12-14 or the days I realized that I am a pig on the weekends.

So the weekends are tough… eating wise and other.  When people say they dont have time to exercise and then those smartasses who are in shape say “you have to make time”… I want to smack them.  The only people I know who are really in shape are either single, married with no kids, or married with a spouse who does not mind staying at home with the kids or does not say anything.  Married with children equals no time and the time you have you are too exhausted to do anything.

With that said, it takes a bit of time to make it all fall together and for the most part its not going to.  So you better get off your ass and do something with the kids because you are not going to have 2 hours to go to the gym.

Anyway…  now that i for that off my chest  think I am done.

Until tomorrow.

Day 11 or the Day I realized back to back birthday’s were awesome

Having a blended family offers a lot of things… one of which is more birthdays.  My son and my wifes son have back to back birthdays.  So that means in addition to everything else holiday related there is also birthday cake.  Makes dieting a hoot.

Anyway, suprisingly enough I did well eating the last few days.

I cheated and weighed myself today… 287.4.  Thats 6 pounds in 11 days.  Cant much complain about that.

Only 87.4 pounds to go!

I will update again on monday!

Day 10 or the day I went to chuck e cheese while dieting

Today was my son’s 10th birthday.  Whats at birthdays??  Cake.  What do I love the most? Cake.

Some how I managed to stay within my calorie limits but I am not sure how the gods of fatties allowed that to happen.

Anyway, good day really.  i am using black coffee as my inbetween meal hunger killer.  It seems to be working well and it is basically calorie free.  And since I hate water it works for me.

I have to actually get my butt in gear and find a way to exercise.  Falling out of the exercise rut leads to falling out of the dieting rut… that cannot happen this time.

JILLIAN MICHAELS needs to come to my house and whip me into shape.. for free, mind you.

Another day, another pound?  here’s hoping!

Day 9

I guess I should have known that the winter would kill my outdoor activity.  Its not that I dislike the cold but walking for an hour when its 30 degrees outside is not all that smart, especially when you are not properly dressed.  I dont own too much in the way of athletic gear for the winter.  With that said, my eating has been really good.  I have been sticking to 1600 calories which has been really good. 

I need to find a way to exercise indoors but finding that time alone is not always easy and i will not have my family as an audience… i dont need to tramatize them. 🙂

More on that to come!

Day 8

Good morning day 8… it started snowing last night so that was nice for the holidays.  I dont like snow except to look at.  Snow ball fights can be fun and making snowmen but hanging out in it is not my idea of a good time.

Anyway, because it was so cold i did not get to walk last night and not walking equals not exercising… I ate well though.  So my calories were limited but I need to exercise on top of that if I want to maximize the weight loss.

I need to do better with my breakfast and lunch meals.  too many calories and they add up quick. Doesnt leave much room for dinner.  A little research and some smart thinking and I will knock it out.  I will let you know tomorrow.

Aside from that it was a good day.  I hope I am at 10 pounds lost this week but if I cant get out to exercise thats not going to happen.

Back at it tomorrow…

Days 5,6, & 7

Ok so I suck at eating on the weekends.  Not really a story behind that statement but needless to say the weekend food did not go as well as I had planned.  Not that it was awful… i didnt eat a wedding cake but I ate a lot of not so healthy food.

I was able to exercise on saturday night but not fri or sunday.

Weigh in was positive but not great.  291.3.  Thats 2.5 pounds… after the weekend i had that doesnt surprise me but at least its weight loss.  only 97.5 to go!!

Day Four

I have decided that thursdays are my off day.. not so far as eating, although i did not do as well as i would have liked to have done, but I am referring to exercising.  I have my son every thursday night so getting home at 9pm and then going to walk is not fair to anyone so I am going to not walk or whatever on thursday.  every other day should be a go.

I am very tempted to weigh myself but at the same time glad that I havent.  1) i dont want to be disappointed and 2) i dont want to get to comfortable if its good.  And really i dont think it would do much either way for my determination.  It just more curiousity than anything.

I spend a lot of my day sitting, I have a desk job, and there is not a lot of opportunity to get up and move around.  We have a gym here but I have never used it.  I only get 30 mins for lunch and to be honest that is barely enough time to eat nontheless actually exercise.  i need to come up with some ways do some sort of exercise while i sit here and at the same time not look like a moron.  Time to do some research.

I have also decided that I will not update over the weekends as there is likely no time to do so… so monday will encompass sat and sun, including my weigh in on sunday.

Alright… back at it again monday.

Day 3

I told my wife yesterday that my shirt was fitting looser and it must be a miracle.  She laughed and said that it would have to be…  well maybe I imagined it or maybe I did.  Either my shirt felt looser yesterday. 🙂

My day went well yesterday.  I ate good except the piece of pineapple upside down cake but I worked hard and I don’t want to deprive myself to the point of it being a turn off to the whole process.  I don’t think one piece of cake is going to kill my progress and I find people who act like it will annoying.

I changed my walking route to avoid satan’s pathway.  It added about .4 miles to my distance but i covered 3.5 miles in 54 mins.  I read some where a few days ago that if you can walk 3-4 miles in an hour or less you should try running.  Ultimately that is my goal but I don’t think that is in the cards until spring. 

I used to run 3-5 miles a day a few years ago and had lost about 60 pounds.  I pushed myself a little hard at the time and in the process hurt my knee.  That sidelined my weight loss and got me back to about 280.  I started hiking in 2011 and re-lost all of the weight I had gained.  Life choices and ignorance lead me to stop doing that and i gain all the weight back and a little more… landing me at 293.8. 

The most I have ever weighed was 315 in around 2008.  life was bad for me then and I used food to help cope.. I still do in a lot of ways.  It fills boredom and emotional needs… and it taste good. 🙂

My biggest challenge will always be the emotional/mental aspects of dieting.  To get my mind to understand that I am not hungry, I have already eaten, and that I will be ok without a diet coke and some cookies/ chips.

Definitely decided to do weigh-ins on Sundays.  So this sunday I expect to see something less than 293.8.

Back at it again tomorrow morning!

Day 2

These blog titles are getting fancier and fancier… takes me like 2 seconds to come up with them!

Day two was a better day… not that day one was bad.  Like I mentioned before its all about getting past your mental stomach.  You brain telling you that you are hungry and need food.  When in reality pushing 300 pounds means that you have had a bit of food already and even if you were lost in the grand canyon with no food you wouldnt need to hunt road runners to stay alive.

I have been walking a little over 3 miles every night after my wife and I get the kids to bed. It takes me about 52-55 minutes to walk it and I feel pretty good after doing so.  I have also been limiting my calories to around 1600-1800.  I don’t have a lot of issues with hunger if I keep myself busy.  I deal with it more at night while my wife and I get our few minutes of time alone to watch TV or a movie.  And also at work when it gets slow.  Proving more so that hunger for fatties is a state of mind more than an actual need for food.  Starvation does not go away when you are busy.

I am anxious for my first weigh-in which I cannot decide when that should be.  I guess I will do it every week on sunday nights.  My wife has the scale put away and she has crowned herself queen of my weigh-ins to an extent.  Hi baby!

I am thinking of changing my walking path as 2 parts of it really freak me out.  I am a big guy and not the fat and weak kind.  I can defend myself if needed but walking in a wooded area that is secluded while jamming to tupac leaves me a little uneasy.  My only choose is to shorten my walks or make them longer… I am sure I will make them longer.

I played basketball with one of my kids last night for around 40 mins.  We play on occasion and its fun.  He is getting really good and I think I am regressing.  I can still beat him but there will come a day when I wont be able to do so.  Maybe when I am a stunning 195-200 and in good shape I will be able.  Right now I spend most of my time laughing at myself because I suck.  We have fun though and its a great calorie burner.  And even pushing 300 pounds I can still touch a 10 foot rim… Thats pretty impressive even if I do say so myself.

Back at it again today… will update tomorrow.